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UPS Product Catalogue

UPS LAN Monitoring Software

  • UPSmart
    UPSmart is our intelligent LAN monitoring software based on RS232 / USB interface. It has user-friendly operation interface and can clearly display the status and information of UPS in the form of data, curve graphics and charts. In addition to automated security archive, automatic safety shutdown, when a fault occurs, it automatically sends warnings by e-mail and SMS (optional SMS alarm module)

UPS Remote Monitoring Software

  • iSmartView
    iSmartView is centralized monitoring and management software running on PC. It displays data and information of UPS in the form of curve, chart and table. When UPS fails, it will send e-mail and SMS to notify administrator.
  • iSmartMate
    iSmartMate is an auxiliary shutdown software for UPS. It can be installed in windows system and connect the UPS via SNMP card. When iSmartMate receive warning information from UPS, it will record and save it to file then shutdown UPS within the setting time.
  • iSearch
    iSearch is a LAN IP search software. It is used for searching the serial number, MAC address and IP address in LAN for every SNMP card. Users can configure theSNMP network and upgrade the SNMP through it.
  • iStars
    iStars is our new generation remote network monitoring software. iStars could real-time monitor and manage UPS through network. Integrated monitoring can be achieved by coordinating corresponding PC software. And it is quite convenient for users to manage the network for UPS.

Inverter Product Catalogue

Inverter Monitoring Software

  • iHybridSolar
    iHybridSolar is a stand-alone monitoring and management software aims at high-frequency on-grid and off-grid inverter. Monitoring and managing the lower machine through USB and COM communication. iHybridSolar real-time shows the device’s main analogy data at intuitive data form. It displays the run-status of the device at energy flow diagram. It displays the device’s generating capacity in curve chart. It can send alarm events through email and SMS. User can start and shutdown the inverter and clear the device’s history log. It provides intuitive and easy user experience.
  • LiteSolar
    LiteSolar is a multi-machine monitoring and management software, It is through the serial port, TCP / IP to achieve single or multi-inverter device monitoring. It support for monitoring equipment transmitting remote switch instruction; storage and export data operation; e-mail alerts when equipment failure.
  • iGFSolar
    iGFSolar is a software designed for easily monitoring and managing the off-grid solar inverter. It can real-time display inverter input, output, bypass, battery, PV, output modules and fault alarm, reflect the daily/annual power generation capacity by curves/histograms.