Arc Pure 500 ~ 3000VA

ArcPure series UPS uses Line Interactive technology and provides a sinusoidal output. It ensures superior protection and a perfectly sinusoidal supply for maximum power continuity and reliability for peripheral network devices, servers, and other electronics in home and office. It has user friendly LCD display. Users can directly know the running situation of UPS through parameters display on the LCD screen. Intelligent monitoring system realizes real-time monitoring of the operating condition / parameters of the UPS system, control UPS running, test and set the power on/off time, and carry out remote monitoring through SNMP card as well.


Pure sine wave output

Power factor 0.8

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

Superior protection

Intelligent battery management

Advanced communications

Settable ECO mode



Commercial POS machine

Small communication switch

Routers, SOHO Network equipment

Workstations and peripheral equipment

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Line interactive technology with pure sine wave output

Line-interactive tolerates continuous undervoltage, overvoltage and surges without consuming the battery power, and offers increased energy efficiency. The output waveform is a sine-wave with very low harmonic distortion and clear power. Pure sine wave output makes inductive loads run faster, quieter and cooler, generates less electrical noise in equipment and appliances, prevents crashes in computer and glitches in monitors, make these equipment last longer.

Microprocessor-based digital control technology

Faster and more accurate processing of data

Built-in AVR

ArcPure UPS provides stable power to connected devices in unstable power conditions.
It has built-in automatic voltage regulator, safety running in a wide voltage range, reduces the using of battery, prolongs the life of battery, especially suitable for power fluctuation or poor power areas, supplying clean power in extreme circumstances.

Superior protection

ArcPure UPS uses Line Interactive technology with pure sine wave output. It ensures superior protection against mains power disturbances, such as surges protection, overvoltage, undervoltage, as well as built-in short circuit and overload protection.

Cold start capability

In the absence of any AC input, the cold start function allows users to start UPS with batteries, and without any damage to them or the circuits. Users can easily configure the UPS, even if no AC input is available.

High-speed synchronous conversion

ArcPure system can automatically track the mains phase, to ensure that the inverter output voltage and mains voltage are identical, decrease the transfer time and surge voltage, minimize the interference to electrical equipment.

Auto sensing frequency

ArcPure UPS uses frequency adaptive technology. When UPS connect to mains with frequency 50HZ or 60HZ, the system will detect the frequency of mains power, and the output frequency will be the same as the detected frequency even when the mains power fails.

Intelligent battery management

  • ArcPure series UPS adopt interactive Design. When mains power is connected, ArcPure system will automatically charging the battery, even the UPS is OFF, to ensure the battery have enough power. When the mains power fails, Aide system will automatically switch to battery mode to provide sufficient runtime for the load saving data and safety shutdown.
  • In order to meet continuity applications requiring long battery runtimes, ArcPure UPS features adjustable charging current and adjustable low battery shutdown point to extend battery life.
  • ArcPure UPS also be featured with battery temperature compensation to extend the battery life, three-stage charging to shorten recharge time and battery overcharge / over-discharge protections as well.

Intelligent power ON/OFF

  • When the mains power is restored after discharge of the batteries, ArcPure UPS will automatically restart and self-diagnose to ensure the functionality of the UPS system and batteries.
  • ArcPure system can detect load and automatically shut down in the no-load state (Optional). When the load is less than 5%, the system detects that it is under idling/no-load state, it will automatically shut down in about one minute, reduce losses, effectively extending the life of batteries.

User friendly LCD display

ArcPure LCD model have a backlit LCD display for users to observe the UPS status information, load and battery performance.

Advanced multi-platform communications

Standard USB+RJ45, optional USB+RS232, AS400 / SNMP communication ports

What do we get from using management software

  • More customized functions.
  • Settable battery discharge and low-voltage test. Through this function users can easily see batteries in good or bad condition.
  • Timing boot/shutdown for UPS is available.
  • Unattended Safe Shutdown by software. AWP Software is able to intelligently save the data and automatically shut down the sever or computer when a power failure occurs. This software allows the UPS to instruct the operating systems to close down a PC when it is running unattended. Users can set the parameters with which to schedule when the computer or server should shutdown, making sure that no significant data is lost and important backups are created.