Monitoring Software UPSmart

UPSmart is monitoring software for single UPS developed on RS232 / USB interface. When mains input is normal, UPSmart can display the input voltage, output voltage, frequency, load, battery capacity and many other parameters with real time data curves. When mains input is abnormal or other fault occurs, UPSmart can save the document automatically, make system turned off safely and automatically send alarm information by email or SMS messages. With UPSmart, users don't need to worry about any loss to the system cause by the abnormal mains power; Users can make the necessary processing at the first time, and learn the historical operation information of equipment through query historical data and events saved in the system.

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  • Working status: mains, battery, inverter, bypass, self test, etc.
  • Real time monitoring: voltage, frequency, load, battery and other information
  • Automatically securely saves data for common applications before shut down the system
  • Multiple test methods for UPS diagnostic testing
  • Automatic sequence turning on / off time of computer and UPS is configurable
  • Historical parameters, operations and events can be inquired
  • Local alarm and remote alarm functions are available
  • Automatic shutdown and restart is settable