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In order to solve customers’ problems, meet customers’ needs, we try to provide perfect service in pre-sales and after-sales services. We are committed to answering any technical questions within 24 hours and our consultancy service is available by phone, fax or e-mail to answer your questions.

Pre-sales services

We are willing to provide technical advice and assistance concerning the product selection, configuration, portfolio solutions, technical information and related documents such as product catalogue, introduction brochures, user manuals to make users know more about our product and make the using and maintenance more easy. We welcome your visiting at any time, so we can guide you to visit our company and manufacturing workshop. If necessary, we’d love to offer product and technical training like configuration, installation, runtime calculation, ect. This will make users to know more about us, have more trust and confidence on our products.

After-sales services

We have specialized technical support departments to ensure a highly efficient after-sales service and customer service center to carry out technical advisory services.

  1. Telephone/Skype guidance on installation and maintenance (regular maintenance on equipments is necessary).
  2. Relevant technical documents and training brochures are available.
  3. Spare parts library, providing user with the most preferential prices.
  4. User profiles are established to track device information and collect feedback from users to ensure that the user's problems and requirements can be processed at the first time, meanwhile providing a basis for future product quality improvement.
  5. Thank you for your trust on our company, if you have any suggestions and requests just inform us, so we can improve and offer a better service for you. We will continue to strive for excellence, to provide customers with the most satisfied products and services. We believe that through the communication and cooperation between the two sides will certainly maintain a good equipment.