Aegis 20 ~ 500kVA (3:3)

Aegis series UPS is the high density version of three phase on-line double-conversion UPS offers high levels of reliability and protection for IT systems, telecommunication equipment and mission critical systems like small data centers, large retail stores and regional offices. Its modularized design of subsystem, dual-mains input and standard maintenance bypass make maintenance easier on site, and high overall efficiency ensures low power consumption. Moreover for increased availability, scalable runtime is available with flexible built-in/external batteries. Meanwhile optional built-in isolation transformer makes the whole system more reliable.


Modular design

Dual input

High efficiency

High reliability

Digitized charger

Multiple communication ports

Powerful background software

Share battery pack in parallel operation

Built-in isolation transformer (Optional)


IDC – Internet Data Center

SCADA monitoring system

Laboratory Precision instruments 

Electricity & Railway signaling system

Network & Telecommunication facilities 

Precision instruments, Automation system

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High reliability

  • Advanced DSP digital control technology
  • True On-line double conversion technology with strong carrying capacity
  • Modular design with high reliability and easy to maintenance
  • Effective software and hardware protection function, robust self-diagnostic function and abundant historical log for future check
  • Three-level password control technology, including the power-on password, user password and maintenance password control
  • Advanced digital parallel redundant configuration (up to 6 units) for power system not only greatly improve system reliability, reduce MTTR, but also allows users to multiply capacity and uptime for future expansion by adding additional UPS systems

High availability

  • Dual input distribution makes system availability higher
  • Wide input voltage range, self-adaptive 50Hz /60 Hz grid system, suitable for various grid environments
  • Linear derating in low voltage input, reducing battery discharging times, extending the service life of battery
  • Input power factor closes to 1, harmonic distortion of current is very low, and output power factor 0.9 enable UPS to deliver more power and increase the load capacity
  • Frequency conversion mode: 50Hz input / 60Hz output or 60Hz input / 50Hz output
  • Users can choose share battery pack to save cost or separate battery pack for different UPS with longer automation time
  • Battery cold start and mains restoration auto-restart are available
  • Optional built-in output isolation transformer meets customer’s special requirement on electric isolation on UPS output

High usability

  • 5.7 inches LCD touch screen, multi-functional keys operation, friendly human-machine interface
  • Robust background software for parameters configuration, online updating
  • Compact internal layout, miniaturized the complete unit for small footprint
  • Standard Emergency Power Off (EPO)

High intelligence

  • Advanced multi-platform communications: standard RS232 / USB / RS485 / dry contacts, optional SNMP communication interfaces are used for monitoring UPS running status
  • Advanced intelligent battery management technique, digitized charger with flexible charger parameters setting and battery configuration (32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40 pcs selectable)
  • When the batteries are out of warranty, the system will remind you

Energy conservation and environment protection

  • Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99
  • Work efficiency up to 98.5% in ECO mode