SNMP card is the full authorized UPS network port, which keeps monitoring UPS operation status. The remote network monitor manages the query and control request, once it's certified, and then it will be transferred to UPS to operate. If there is any faults take place on the UPS, the monitor will sent alarm message to the appointed remote monitoring computer. SNMP card provides UPS with real-time network monitoring and management, which is able to check real time dynamic data, manage remote control and network management. The product can monitor stand-alone UPS, and achieve centralized monitoring with relative PC software.

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  • Various functions can be set and controlled through browser
  • Active alarm and report function
  • Support TCP/IP, SNMP, FTP, NTP, HTTP, SMTP etc agreement
  • Provide software upgrade configuration tool (iSearch software)
  • Send daily statement through Email
  • When UPS has fault, it will send the message to manager through the SMS, SNMP, or Email etc
  • According to user requirements, GPRS SMS module can be attached for SMS alerts
  • Rack UPS can integrate up to four SNMP cards, adopts redundant double power supply for easy alignment
  • Support RFC1628
  • Support multi-type UPS manufacturers' protocols