Modular 25 20 ~ 160kVA

Modular 25 series UPS is ideal for reliable, saving, intelligent and easy solutions. It ensure that a scalable, secure, high quality power supply is available for any critical high-density computer and IT environment applications, such as data centers and other critical loads.

Modular 25 series UPS is a high-end modular UPS with latest DSP control technology and most reliable, famous brand components. It adopts a highly intelligent modular design, which mainly contains power modules, bypass module and control module, all modules support “plug & play” to simplify UPS servicing and maintenance. The available UPS power and redundancy level can expand vertically from 25 kVA / 25 kW to 125 kVA / 125 KW in one single power cabinet with flexible configuration for meeting different needs. Based on superior electrical performance, perfect hardware and software protection function, EA660 Series UPS can adapt to different grid environment and provides maximum protection and high quality power for critical loads in data centers or other important applications.


Power flexibility from 25 – 125 kVA

Utmost Availability

Modular hot-swappable

Scalability & redundancy

Outstanding performances

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)


IDC – Internet Data Center

ISP – Internet Service Provider

SCADA monitoring system

Electricity & Railway signaling system

Bank or Bond Trading / Clearing center

Precision instruments, Automation system

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DSP microprocessor control technology
True On-line, double conversion power protection, and with strong load capacity
Modular Hot-swappable design for easy maintenance and scalability
High efficiency up to 96.5% at most frequently-used load rate
Inbuilt integrated PDU system simplifying installation and saving investment
Output power factor 1.0, input power factor 0.99, input THDi <3%, output THDv ≤ 1%
138 ~ 485 Vac wide input voltage range, 50 Hz / 60 Hz grid self-adaptive
Soft-start technology improves generator matching up to 1:1.1
Support two modes of frequency conversion: 50 Hz input / 60 Hz output and 60 Hz input / 50 Hz output
Intelligent hibernation mode upgrading enables UPS to operate efficiently at low load rate
Advanced parallel and redundancy technology, support 4 units connected in parallel
Share battery pack in parallel operation, saving user’s battery cost
Flexible charger parameter and battery configuration settings, battery number 30 ~ 46 pcs selectable
Intelligent battery management technology (Intelligent charge/discharge management and float charging voltage temperature compensation), extending battery lifespan
Support cold start with battery and auto restart with mains power
Self-aging function to simplify debugging and test on site
Fault-tolerant design for fan system, taking 30% loads when 2 fans fail and 50% loads when 1 fan fails
Superior hardware and software protection function, robust self-diagnostic function, and abundant event log for check
7 inches LCD touch screen, friendly human-machine interface
System with built-in SNMP, supporting RS485 and dry contacts
Back-feed protection function (optional)