Alpha Pro RT 1 ~ 3kVA (1:1)

Alpha Pro RT Series UPS is the high density version of on-line double-conversion UPS with advanced full-time DSP control technology and input power factor correction, it is featured with output power factor 0.9 which enable to delivering more stable and clean power without interruption for critical equipment. Its Rack/Tower convertible design can be fitted to multiple applications, such as telecommunication, storage systems, medical systems, industrial applications especially ideal for blade severs. For critical business continuity applications requiring long runtimes, Alpha Pro RT(extensible model)can be installed with battery extension packs.


Tower / Rack convertible

High power factor

Stronger carrying capacity

Powerful battery charger

Frequency conversion

ECO mode

Low noise level

Multiple communication ports


SOHO, PC, POS machines

Blade servers, storage systems

Telecommunication facilities

Small financial trading center

ATM / Bank terminal system

Precision instruments, Automation system

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True On-line double conversion technology

Alpha Pro RT is an On-line double conversion UPS which provides ideal electrical output performance with continuous and uninterruptable high quality power in switching from AC to DC or DC to AC.

DSP – Digital Signal Processor Technology

Alpha Pro RT uses advanced USA native CPU chip with ability of faster and more accurate processing of signal data, keep UPS running in a high efficiency and low energy wasting condition. Providing you with rapid failure response and useful failure code for mechanical maintenance, raise MTBF, decrease MTTR.

Tower / Rack convertible and simplified installation

Users can easily install the UPS system as either a tabletop or a rack mounted device by utilizing the easy-shift LCD display.

High power factor

Alpha Pro RT input power factor closes to 1 with power factor correction, and output power factor 0.9 enables UPS to deliver more power and increase the load capacity by 13% compared with traditional products.

Wide input voltage range & auto sensing frequency

Alpha Pro RT has excellent voltage regulation ability with an ultra-wide input voltage range from 110 – 300 Vac, and auto-sensing 50 Hz / 60 Hz frequency to meet all kinds of grid environment.

Cold start capability

In the absence of any AC input, the cold start function allows users to start the UPS with the batteries, and without any damage to them or the circuits.

Multiple operating modes

Different operating modes (Line mode, Bypass mode, Stdby mode, Battery mode, ECO mode, CUCF/Frequency conversion mode and Fault mode) can be programmed according to user requirements.

Auto Power-on and Shut-down function

Under low or no-load conditions, the UPS will automatically shut down and switch to bypass mode, when the load is enabled again, the UPS will be automatically turned on and switch back to the mains power mode. This energy saving feature is great suitable for situations like office loads various from day and night.

Excellent performance and reliability

Complete hardware and software protection

Alpha Pro RT is equipped with over voltage, overload, surge, short circuit, over temperature protection, IGBT pulse by pulse current limiting protection, greatly ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

Power- on self test

The UPS performs advanced self-diagnostics to ensure the functionality of the UPS system and batteries, and to anticipate events before they occur.

Low noise level

Load-based fan speed control makes UPS produce low noise.

Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

Battery test function and deep discharge protection

The system has automatic / manual battery test function and deep discharge protection to optimize battery life. At the end of battery discharge, the system will pre-alarm to remind users.

Advanced charging technology

  • Automatic charging in OFF mode
  • By monitoring and control the battery periodically self-test, automatically equalizing charge and floating charge control, effectively extending the battery life
  • By powerful battery charger with rapid and stable charging technology, 90% capacity can be restored in 3 hours for standard model UPS, and higher charging current is available for extensible model

Flexible and optimized battery number design

  • More economical battery usage and costs with different DC voltage (24 V / 36 V / 48 V / 72 V / 96V) and two UPS models (Standard model or Extensible model) for options
  • Multiple functions settable via LCD panel
  • Output voltage, output frequency, Bypass mode, ECO mode, battery low voltage and Frequency Converter enable/disable are settable via LCD panel.

Extensible functions and options

  • EPO function (Optional)
  • Alpha Pro is equipped with an Emergency Power Off function, providing users with a way of immediately shutting down all output power from the UPS in the case of emergencies such as fire, flood, and overheating equipment.

Advanced multi-platform communications

  • Standard RS232 communication port and RJ45 protection
  • Optional USB / RS485 / dry contacts card / SNMP / SMS / communication port