Data center


power supply and distribution system
The power supply and distribution system is one of the most important subsystems of the data center. The pre-planning should consider security reliability, system upgrade and capacity expansion, program type, availability, economy and so on. Data center power supply and distribution system consists of high-voltage power supply system and low-voltage distribution system, composed of different power supply and distribution programs to form a complete power supply system. According to the actual situation of different projects, our engineer will offer the best power supply and distribution solution for your datacenter.

Cooling system

1.Room-level cooling
The traditional cooling system can’t make full use of the cooling capacity.When the air conditioning unit is blowing, a large part of the cold air bypasses the IT load and returns directly to the air conditioner. Reducing the total cooling capacity, air conditioning utilization and cooling efficiency is relatively low.

The optimized room-level cooling system utilizes cold/hot air flow containment to prevent these problems from occurring. Cold aisle containment is recommended because it is easier to implement. Both hot and cold aisles reduce airflow mixing in the data center.

2.Row-level cooling
When using row-level cooling configuration, the air conditioning units are associated with a IT cabinet, compared with traditional room-level cooling, the air flow is short and the predictability of the airflow is high, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner can be fully utilized.

Integrated Management System

Data center (single module) solution
For single module data center, the monitoring and management system integrates power monitoring, environmental monitoring, security monitoring, energy management, asset management, operation management and maintenance to ensure a high energy efficient, energy-saving, safe and reliable data center.