ACE 6 ~ 10kVA (1:1) 10 ~ 30kVA (3:1)

ACE series UPS is on-line double-conversion UPS with built-in output isolation transformer, offering highly reliable power for most applications, especially suitable for medical system and industrial automation system. The ACE range includes single-phase input and single-phase output versions 6/10KVA and three-phase input and single-phase output versions from 10KVA to 30KVA. Its bypass dual DSP control design and high overload capability (up to 150%) make it ideal solution to protect critical devices in harsh and unstable grid environment.


High reliability

Dual input

Strong compatibility

High overload capacity

Built-in isolation transformer

Superior protection

Powerful battery charger

N+X redundancy parallel


SME Data Center

Industrial / Military energy system

Financial transaction / Clearing center

Medical system , Precision instruments

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High reliability

  • Advanced DSP digital control technology bring ACE UPS high precision, fast speed, simple control circuit and high reliability
  • Standard configuration with output isolation transformer, which prevent the harm to equipment caused by DC component of UPS output voltage, effectively reduce neutral to earth voltage of output and effectively decrease the direct interference from the harmonic currents of loads to improve the UPS reliability
  • High overload capability (up to 150%)
  • Bypass powered by independent power supply, and inside using dual DSP redundant design. When the main control system is abnormal or fails, the bypass system can still work normally to ensure uninterruptible power supply to loads
  • Superior protection (surge, short-circuit, overvoltage, under-voltage, over-charge, reverse connection protection etc), especial IGBT drive circuit and IGBT over-current soft-shutdown technology greatly improve the reliability and safety of the inverter
  • Advanced parallel redundant configuration with current sharing control technology which not only greatly improve system reliability, reduce MTTR, but also allows users to multiply capacity and uptime for future expansion by adding additional UPS systems

High usability and availability

  • Single / single-phase models, and three / single-phase models for 380 / 400 / 415 V, 50 / 60 Hz grid system
  • Wide input voltage and input frequency range make the UPS convenient to connect the generator or other power-generation equipment
  • Strong compatibility, suitable for all kinds of loads (resistive, inductive, capacitive and non-linear loads)
  • Dual input and hot standby in series make the system more reliable and available
  • Battery cold start and mains power start are available. In the absence of mains power, battery cold start function allows users to start the UPS with the batteries to meet the emergency, and in the absence of batteries, users can start the UPS with the utility power and use it as high-precision regulated power supply
  • LCD+LED display with friendly user interface and multi-functional button operation.
  • Abundant historical log available for future to retrieve and when fault occurs the fault code display on the screen will help maintenance personnel exclude the cause of issue

High intelligence

  • Advanced multi-platform communications: standard RS232 / USB, optional RS485 / dry contacts, SNMP communication interfaces are used for monitoring UPS running status
  • Advanced intelligent battery management technology with powerful charging capability and flexible charging parameters setting: 2 A / 4 A / 6 A / 8 A / 10 A / 12 A selectable (standard configuration), 14 A / 16 A / 18 A / 20 A / 22 A / 24 A selectable (optional configuration)