Flexible Solar Power Mini (FSPM)

The FSPM Solar Panel System is a cutting-edge, compact solution designed to seamlessly integrate into any environment, providing reliable and efficient power for small-scale energy needs. Its versatile design allows for easy placement, making it ideal for both urban settings with limited space and remote areas with minimal access to electricity.

In addition to its practical design and ease of installation, the FSPM Solar Panel System represents a sustainable and eco-friendly energy alternative, reducing your carbon footprint while providing the independence that comes from generating your own power. Its durability and reliability make it a wise investment for anyone seeking to meet their electricity needs with a green and renewable energy source.

Embrace the future of energy with FSPM, the flexible, efficient, and environmentally responsible choice for powering your world, no matter where you are

  1. Solar Panel 200w - 500w
  2. Inverter 500 VA (effective)
  3. Battery 24V/25AH
  4. MPPT 24V/20A