PHX 100K - 250K

PHX 100K-MT / 250K-MT / 250K-TF PV Grid-connected Inverter adopt modular three-level SVPMW technology. They are featured with high frequency, high power density, small footprint, optional various communications and built-in transformer design. They are ideal for distributed PV grid-connected power stations.

  • Advanced modular three-level SVPMW technology
  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.5 (w/o transformer)
  • Wide MPPT range (500V ~ 850V) with effective MPPT algorithms
  • Modular design, front accessible maintenance with less time (less than 10 min)
  • Auto separate failed module from the system to improve reliability
  • Low voltage, ZVRT (Zero voltage ride through) test
  • Advanced Anti-islanding technology
  • Independent air dusts design to adapt to dust environment
  • Smart startup& hibernation function
  • Night SVG function, responding to the grid dispatching order whole day.
  • Adjustable active power, power factor range 0.9 (leading) to 0.9 (lagging).
  • TÜV, CE, CQC certification