MPPT SolarCharge Controller

  • Unattended: PV auto-start and auto-charging, no need of manual operation.
  • High efficient MPPT: Multiple Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) enable the output power of solar panel array to be at maximum state, improving the energy conversion 20% ~ 30%
  • High reliability: Adopt advanced microprocessor to achieve “MPPT + SOC” dual intelligent optimized charging control to ensure the product to be stable and reliable
  • Intelligent charging management: Adopt charging mode combined constant current and constant voltage to ensure effective battery charging and battery life
  • Battery protections: Automatically test the battery running condition. The system will automatically shut down in the event of overdischarge to avoid consuming the battery energey
  • High efficiency: Adopt low power consumption MOSFET and PWM soft switch and synchronous rectifier technology, effectively improving the system operating efficiency
  • Intelligent: Auto-start by Illumination recognition (optional) – the system can configure auto start the load in the event of insufficient sunshine, such as fog, rain, night etc
  • Protections: Overcharge / overdischarge, short circuit, overload, reverse connection, TVS lightning protection etc
  • Strong adaptability (optional): Charging voltage is settable to adapt to lithium battery and lead-acid battery
  • Communications (optional): RS232 and dry contacts port for communication and real-time monitoring
  • Temperature compensation (optional): The test interface of ambient temperature of the external battery group is available. The battery charging voltage is adjustable in real time according to the ambient temperature of the battery