iSolar Web Monitoring

In PV system, combiner boxes are added for the connection of PV inverter and PV array to lessen the cable for the connecting, reduce user cost and make installation convenient. iSolar Web monitoring are designed in order to carry out effective monitoring of combiner boxes and inverters. It makes data collection and protocol conversion on different devices such as PV modules, combiner boxes, inverters, weather sensors, smart meters and solar tracking control system, and utilizes intelligent network monitoring equipment to summarize data, and then manages the PV plant through the local monitoring management server.

  • Embedded WEB design, abundant display, and quickness
  • Networking with monitoring center through TCP / IP, communicating with other equipment through RS485
  • Abundant interfaces enable to connect a full range of PV grid-connected inverters, combiner box and environmental test equipment
  • Its working status indicator can intuitively reflect the running state of monitoring equipment
  • Supports parameter settings of TCP / IP mode, webpage configuration and remote upgrade
  • Good scalability of hardware and software enable to provide data interface for upper management system like SCADA
  • Enable to integrate monitoring datas from a variety of different types of devices and make classification process, classified storage and unified display