PV Array Combiner Box

Combiner box houses the parallel connections that are necessary when multiple solar panels are used in a system. It is mainly used for the connection of PV inverter and PV array to lessen the cable for the connecting, easy to maintain and improve the reliability. It also provides an easy access point for future panel additions.

This PV array combiner is specially designed for the high efficiency and reliability; it is the supporting components of our PV inverters for the PV power generation system solutions. The user could connect a certain number of PV modules in series to be the PV array according to the voltage range of DC input, then connect PV arrays to the combiner box for the converge, through the output of lightning protection device and breaker, it is easy for back-end inverters to access and improves the system safety and reduces the installation time. There are smart combiner boxes with anti-reverse diode and without anti-reverse diode for users to choose.